Making House Exteriors Look Amazing Throughout Auckland

A property’s exterior paint finish not only determines how the property looks, but also protects it from the often-harsh weather outside. New Zealand’s challenging variable weather conditions, and the constant battering of UV rays thanks to that Ozone hole above us, means our exterior paint finishes need to be properly applied to ensure the paint finish doesn’t crack, warp, fade, bubble or peel before it’s expected lifespan. If your home is showing signs of age and weathering, then it’s likely time to consider repainting. To not do so leaves your property at risk from weather damage. Our team of professional painting contractors have many years combined expertise in house painting and exterior painting throughout the Auckland region. So, you can trust that we will deliver a paint service that’s second to none. Also, if you are painting your home’s exterior why not get the roof painted at the same time with our roof painting service.

Careful Preparation

Preparation is crucial to create an error free paint finish. Depending on the surface involved, site prep can take up a large percentage of any painting job. Rushing this part of the job will result in a paint finish that doesn’t last any close to its expected time-frame, often causing bubbles, cracking, and peeling if not done properly. Here patience, discipline and a commitment to excellence is essential.

Your Auckland Painters pride ourselves on being among the most thorough painting companies in Auckland when it comes to site preparation. Resulting in far fewer occurrences of defects and the typical costly remedial work that follows. We simply do it better! To find out more about what our prep includes please do get in touch, but to generalise, our preparation service includes the removal of cracks, holes, gaps, defects, loose paint, rust treatment, undercoating and primer.

We use the highest quality paint brands

Given New Zealand’s very challenging weather environment for external paint finishes. To make certain our paintwork has longevity, we endeavour to use only high-quality paint brands like Resene and Dulux. This ensures that we limit any possibility of defects appearing in the paint surface, saving both the client and the company from unnecessary effort and waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sources the paint and supplies?

Of course, you can source your own paint, however one of the benefits of engaging a house painting professional is the significant savings in paint costs that are often achievable when compared to retail prices. It pays to first discuss sourcing with your paint professional before making a purchase.

Are our painters and decorators insured?

Yes, we always carry sufficient levels of public liability insurance. Please speak to one of our exterior painting professionals for more detail.

Where to go for advice on colour and paint?

As part of our service we offer a colour consultation, wherein we attend onsite and assist with your selection process.

What’s the typical number of coats of paint applied?

Depending on our client’s requirements, a typical paint job includes three coats of paint for a new surface and 2 coats for repainting an existing surface.

Who provides scaffolding?

We either provide mobile scaffolds ourselves or we utilise our own trusted preferred supplier for scaffolding.

What are our preferred paint brands?

Due to the already mentioned highly changeable NZ weather conditions, we prefer to use only trusted and proven paint brands such as Dulux and Resene.

How to safely remove lead-based paint?

Our company has ample experience and training to tackle these jobs from both a health and safety and environmental perspective. It’s crucial you get this done properly!


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