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We are Auckland’s affordable quality paint stripping crew. Your Auckland Painters team of experienced paint strippers use a range of techniques to remove legacy and undesirable paint.

Why use a professional paint stripper?

Our painters use the latest technology and methods to help us be as efficient as possible when removing paint. Paint stripping can be dangerous to your health if done improperly, with some very nasty long-term effects. Here at Your Auckland Painters we treat the health and well being of every person on site as our number one priority, giving the client certainty that the job will be done safely. Our professional paint strippers have extensive experience with all aspects of paint stripping, from materials to processes, we know it inside out. We know how to identify risks and how to remove or minimise them.

Why is paint stripping so hazardous?

Two reasons, firstly the chemicals and solvents involved are often highly toxic and secondly people tend to lack the experience needed to strip paint safely, resulting in lead poisoning.

Lead Based Paint – a historical issue

Only in the last three or so decades have we stopped using lead-based paint in our New Zealand homes. Prior to that, lead based paint was the go-to product for painting everyone’s home. Given the age of many an Auckland property, for example a turn of the century colonial villa, it’s not uncommon for us to encounter surfaces with a score of layers of lead based oil paint needing to be stripped away.

Every year Auckland unfortunately gets its share of lead poisoning cases as people encounter toxic lead paint particles. If you own a house with lead painted surfaces, you will need to seriously consider removing the paint as over time the lead-based paint will flake away. With the lead leaching into the surrounding soil and property, making the area toxic to pets and children.

How to remove lead-based paint?

To safely remove lead-based paint requires a range of methods and equipment. Your Auckland painters are experts at tackling these challenges and making your house safe from lead-based paint.

So, if you are needing to get paint stripped or lead paint removed safely then do get in touch with our painting professionals today for a free site inspection and consult. Better yet, why not see what other house painting services we offer.

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